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Contactless digital business cards

Freedom from Boring Printed Business Cards

Design your digital visiting card in 2 minutes with trendy small website layouts - it's easy, elegant and affordable. Thevisiting.cards Connect is always in your single click, never tears and never runs out for printing cards. Thevisiting.cards known very well, there are plenty of people who don’t like paper business cards. Your Digital Visiting Cards can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, after publishing your E-business cards, directly shared on your networks such as friends, clients and easily indexing on search engines.

Contactless, virtual cards, real connections

Equip your potential clients with contact-free digital business cards they can safely watch your business portfolio with your prospects or directly you can show over Zoom, Teams and teleconferences. Your valuable staff can share to needy people without touching them, reducing health risk across your workforce and sales teams. going digital means you can track your Digital card, share it in seconds and leave a lasting impression on the people you on business meet and E-card is a clever way of online marketing.

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